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What services do I offer?

This question is the death of me. "What services do I offer?" I want what is best for my clients and I want to keep my clients safe. I will not tolerate behaviors and questions that will incriminate you (my potential client) down the road. The first thing this question tells me, is you have not gone through my website. Second, if you have gone through my website, you are looking for a special acronym, menu or checklist of services that are legal for me to solicit but illegal for you to purchase. Legal in we are speaking about Canadian laws and not US but the US still has a huge impact on how our business is played out every day. Which brings me to the third thing this question tells me is you have no freaking idea about the laws that shadow this work and those that choose to work in it and those who choose to participate.

Let's start with the biggest elephant in the room; The LAWS. Yes, I live in Canada and yes, we have different laws than the US but did you know most of our social platforms, website builders, international travel, hotels & AirBnB head companies/offices are in the US. Which dictates how we can conduct our businesses. Thus, being completely illegal to have conversations, discussions or anything else of the matter. Keep this in mind as we continue. Thankfully we live in Canada where the laws are slightly different. An easy digestive can be read here; Current Prostitution Laws in Plain English - Lyla, thanks to Greenteal for putting this together. For the manner of this post I want to zero in on communication. "Communications:

No matter if email, text, call, best to avoid asking for specific services. For example, you can ask for an hour massage/session. You can iron out the details once more confident about who you're dealing with. Also, public sollicitation of street worker is completely illegal and the best way of getting arrested." Asking for services or wondering if an xyz/menu/checklist item is available is illegal. Having acronyms will not save you. We are adults, and all have google available to figure out what everything means. How do I know if I will enjoy my time with you? You can have your questions answered by doing your homework/research. Which you should be doing already to make sure you don't get scammed, cheated, blackmailed or whatever else that could possibly happen to you, when you don't do your research. First thing is to follow the links provided in the ad, website, social medias and advertising platforms. Then read the information. Many providers have information everywhere for you to find out what could happen within our time together. Remember, you pay for our time and time only. Anything that happens within that time is between you and the provider (me) as sober consenting adults. I can't stress it enough, READ THE INFORMATION. My about me page answers a lot of questions, plus the banners for other sites are all linked to my profile on those sites many of which have a list to see what possibilities are available. You can follow through to my services page where I outline what is to come without incriminating you. You can read my 3 Simple Steps to booking our date together for how we can get started off on the right foot. Still not convinced, check out my recommendations with more live links. All you have to do is read and follow the breadcrumbs. I want what is best for my clients and I want to keep my clients safe. I will not tolerate behaviors and questions that will incriminate you (my potential client) down the road. If I sound annoyed, upset or mad, it's cause you're the thousandth person to ask and show disrespect all the hard work, money and effort, I put forth to make sure we are both safe to have a remarkable time together.

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