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About me

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I am a deliciously curvaceous woman, (36 DD, 28, 32) with curves in all the right places. Silky white skin that glows with affection and attention to share. Foxy red hair that only hints at the fun we could have. Pretty brown eyes that build trust instantly and are full of depth, that we can get lost in together. A charming and witty personality that will have you at ease in no time, or standing at attention.

I have been described as being a sweet, easy going and confident woman. The kind you can take home to your parents yet be the fantasy girl you have always dreamed about behind closed doors.


I am not here for a long time but a good time. Whether it be short and sweet or a long lasting connection. Lets fill a world of our own full of passion with respect in a safe, discreet, and unrushed environment.


I greet you at the door with a hug and a kiss or two or three, I love kissing, as it melts our worries away. Have a small conversation about you and your day as you shed the days stresses. You go and freshen up as I make myself comfortable, or maybe I shall join you. We share smiles as we get closer and our worlds transport as one, to a time only we will ever remember.

I do not indulge in a 'menu' upon first introductions. I love to sample, inquire and discover the pleasures we can share together in person.  As we get to know each other, you will learn our enjoyment is limitless and ours to explore. 


I am an elite international traveling companion looking to meet some remarkable Gentlemen, ladies, those in between and non-conforming.

I am smoke and party free, and expect you to be clean, drug and disease free as I am.

This is a confidential, and discreet encounter that is held in respect.  Rates are exchange for time and time only. Anything that happens within that time is mutually agreed upon as consenting adults.


I look forward to seeing you,


Stephanie <3


Stephanie Mystique 

Elite Companion, Professional Date & Girlfriend

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Wish List

Gifts are always welcomed and appreciated! They come from the heart with no strings attached.  Here is my gift ideas and wish list for inspiration.

Wish List & Gifts 

Tea & Hot Choclate
Sparkling water
Sparkling Cider


Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies.
Milk Chocolates - Dairy Milk, Lindor


Flowers & Plants
Fresh cut flowers or new house plants to love 

Bath delights


minimal or no dye bath bomb and bubble bath

Epsom Salts unscented preferable 

Avon's Original Bath Oil 

Gift cards

Superstore & Gas (Irving or Shell) 

(The best gift card you can get me)
Home Depot and Home Hardware (I have renovations on the go) 


(You will be helping me towards my dream of having a personal library)

Pleasures and Treasures (NS), Stag Shop (ON)

(For all the fun in my tickle trunk)

Ultimate Dining Card

(Not going to lie, I am a fan of Swiss Chalet)


Treat me to a day at the spa

Embrace Spa

(Ultimate Spa Revival is my favorite Package)

Nordic Spa

(Chester, NS is my favourite spot) 

Big Ticket Gifts 
I am so close to a couple of my goals. Items here help me with my day-to-day life so I can conquer my goals sooner.  Inquire for current big goals. 

Stocks 5 000+/holding (inquire for long term holds if you wish to purchase certificate of holdings) 
Down Payment for a home $10,000 (Almost there) 

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