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Professional Date & Girlfriend


Semi-Exclusive Monthly Packages

Pre-Paid at the first of the month.
2-month commitment minimum.

Flexibility to use the hours as you like. All at once or in hour increments.
Includes texting privileges with PG photos.
Accommodations, travel and expenses covered by you. 

Up to 5 hours monthly - 1700 (340/hour)
Up to 8 hours monthly - 2560  (320/hour)
Up to 12 hours monthly - 3600 (300/hour)
Up to 24 hours monthly - 6720 (280/hour)
Up to 36 hours monthly - 9360 (260/hour)


These Packages are Pre-Paid with no commitment for longer arrangement.
They can be used within 3 months of purchase.
Regular booking terms apply.

Two 2 Hour dates: 1220
Two 3 Hour dates: 1500
Two 4 Hour dates: 2000
Two Dinner Dates: 1800
Two Overnights: 3600
Two Extended Overnights: 4000

StephanieWatermark82 (2).jpg

One Time

   A time together where only we will remember what was sampled, indulged in and sensually or passionately shared.

I do enjoy longer dates, especially when we can share a meal together. As such longer dates are discounted so I can spend more time with you.

Extended Dates
Day Time Adventure
3-4 hours 1000

Dinner Date
4-5 hours 1100
*My favourite

12 hours 2000 8pm-8am
15 hours 2200 6pm-8am (with dinner & breakfast)
*Start and end times are flexible)

Weekend Adventure
48-72 H
ours 6000

Just us dates

*All dates must be booked at least 72 hours in advance*

4 Hour: 1100
3 Hour: 800 *My most popular date*
2 Hours
: 720
1.5 hours: 540
1 Hour: 410

+ hour(s) & In person extensions 300/hour

All rates include HST
CDN & US (1:1) Cash and bitcoin (+50) accepted


Flowers (Daisy's are my favourite) 
House plants (Herbs, Lavendar, Mint)

Sparkling water

Milk Chocolates; Heresey Easter eggs, Lindor, Dairy Milk

Gift cards;

Gas cards (Irving & Shell preferred) 
Victoria Secret (Sizes fit me best) 

Pleasures and Treasures (NS), Stag Shop (ON),

Embrace Spa, Nordic Spa 

Air Canada 


I do love to support local stores and restaurants, if you have a favourite please share it with me! 

Gifts are always welcomed and appreciated!
They come from the heart with no strings attached.
 Here is my gift ideas and wish list for inspiration.

Need more Ideas?
Visit my 


Safety for all is important at all times, there will be no marks (Bites, scratches, bruises, ect.). Safe penetration is required at all times. 

There will be no trips to Greece and No recording of any sessions.

All activities are ymmv and subject to your hygiene being impeccable. Showers are mandatory to start our time together. You have no open wounds, cuts, marks or other items that may or may not be an STI/STD. 

At any time my boundaries are being pushed, I am not being respected, I am uncomfortable, or you are intoxicated, the session will end immediately, and you will be expected to leave. (No refund)


All the of above is not solicitation for purchase. You pay for my time and time only. Anything that happens within that time is agreed upon as two sober consent adults.  

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