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Posted October 3

Stephanie is pure magic. Such a breathtaking women. When you meet her, she treats you like the girlfriend you haven’t seen in months, as if you were away for a long time at work/school, and all she wants to do is celebrate every inch of your body. Highly recommended.

46and2 (Lyla)

Posted July 15

I had the pleasure of experiencing her Nuru massage, and all I can say it’s one of the best experiences that I have had in a long time. I highly recommend this to anyone.

OnceinaWhile (Lyla)

Posted July 30

Well folks,


If you haven't seen the wonderful and amazing Stephanie yet, what the heck are you waiting for?


It's been awhile since I pampered myself with one of her amazing massages and on a whim I booked one this week.  


I have some vacation time booked and will be doing a fair amount of driving, and generally book a standard massage with my regular RMT for afterwards, but I've been recovering from a minor procedure and took a break from exercising immediately afterwards, and spent the last week trying to do something with this old rickety nerdy body of mine, and as a result have been feeling pretty tight and sore and not really looking forward to all that driving.


Thankfully Stephanie was able to fit me in to her schedule, and she really went to work on me.  People, this is a real honest to goodness massage.  Deep tissue. Fix the problems.  Unlock those muscles.  All performed be a beautiful young woman, with an amazing personality, wonderful conversation, and of course all the extras.


She's safe, easy to work with, and did I mention an absolute beauty?  And you know you're in trouble as soon as you see that wicked smile.


Contact her while you still can! 

OldandNerdy (Lyla)

Posted June 1, 2020

Stephanie is a lady I had the pleasure to meet last year. I was very New to the hobby and had the good fortune of visiting another great lady, Kylie Jane, who suggested doing a duo with Stephanie. I hesitated at first but once I was introduced to Stephanie my shyness and hesitation soon disappeared. She looked so beautiful with her long red hair in a nice black dress. After hugs and kisses I was into the duo idea. Stephanie was great, always smiling and very conscious of me. I wanted more of her so arranged for a one/one visit. Believe me, showering with Stephanie is a great experience. Gorgeous body, always has your need in mind. I then had the assure if another duo and to do even better a trio with Kylie Jane and Ms Charlotte Quinn!! What a night!!! 

Stephanie has it all. She has beauty, talent, a genuine desire to please. Her red hair and smile are winners. She definitely is a great choice of you are looking for a companion who is versatile and so pleasant. I hope to see you soon Stephanie alone or otherwise!!

Ray (Lyla)

Posted April 25, 2020

I have met with Stephanie several times and plan to continue!

Her smile is a delight, and she always welcomes you with a warm hug and a kiss.

Moving inside, sharing a drink to relax and break the ice, the conversation is light and enjoyable. After finishing our drinks, and a quick shower, she has a massage table, or a bedroom - I've enjoyed the delights of both and will observe that her skills at massage are absolutely incredible - I will not speak to other activities in detail but suffice to say she's not just an outstanding masseuse!

Our interactions have always been positive - I once asked for a certain outfit and she happily accommodated the request.

Ms. Stephanie knows how to not just put you at ease, but leave you truly relaxed.

I'm looking forward to the next time I get to see her and we spend time together.

 Metalsmith (Lyla)

Posted March 19

I was extremely lucky to have seen Stephanie. It all began when I first came across her profile as I started to check for companions in Canada, and I was in awestruck as I went through her profile and her website. I thought I was a bit unlucky as she's based at Halifax and I have to visit her after winter. Well, dreams do come true when I saw an ad that she scheduled a tour to Charlottetown! I immediately picked up my phone and sent her a text, I made sure I followed the her rules and she was very responsive in her responses and confirmed me of 90 minutes as initially requested by me.

As I had a couple of weeks time in advance, I became more anxious (in a good way) and I felt I had to extend for 2hrs, I requested her, and she was again quick to confirm. I thought there's something special about her, she was very sweet in the way how she responded to the texts and we already had a positive rapport even though we hadn't yet met. That made me think about again and as a week passed by, I decided that I'd go for 3hrs. I again requested her if she had 3hrs time and she was happy to agree. By this time, I was blown away and I was extremely restless in a positive way and counting my days and hours for our appointment. Steph texted me a day before, when she arrived and gave me a heads up about the hotel where she was staying.

So finally the day arrived and I was all excited and made sure I was as hygienic and fresh as possible. I reached the hotel a few mins early and Steph called me in immediately. I was greeted and welcomed with a warm hug, she made me feel at home all comfy and we chatted for sometime as she was caressing my thighs making sure I was relaxed. She then asked me if I was ready for the shower, which I was very much excited about. I quickly washed my mouth and we kissed and kissed and kissed! I got lost in her kiss as we showered, it was an amazing time in the shower, followed by immense pleasure and heavenly experience of my life! As they say, experience should be experienced, it can never be explained in words!!!

All I can say about Steph is that she is truly an amazing girl who has a wonderful heart, she's extremely friendly, welcoming and makes a person feel special provided if they are good to her of course! I would suggest everyone that be a gentleman and follow her rules, you will never regret it. I will most certainly see her again and again, even if I had to drive down to Halifax, I would just drive to see her!

Maltego7 (Lyla)

Posted December 9, 2019
mmm s
pending time with this beautiful lady is worth every penny I earned!!  Guy`s when you arrive for your apt be ready for lots of dfk & hugs...always...always when booking go for the shower for 2...highly recommended ...many sp`s don`t offer it!!  `wow...from the shower to playtime on the bed it is incredible!! I will not divulge all the intimate details as I wish 2 be selfish & keep those memories 2 myself... create your own memories with this beautiful lady!! easy 2 book by are 100%...of course I will repeat whenever she visits us !


~letsplay_57 (Lyla)

Posted September 19, 2019

I had a chance to connect with Steph while she was near YYZ.

I'm a sucker for red heads & had a great time with her.
Txt was simple with a quick reply.
I was greeted by the door by a stunning red head dressed as requested with a warm hug & deep kisses.
her large nipples were very responsive & playful.

A quick shower to freshen up & come out for some fun time. She was waiting on the bed playing with herself & that set the tone.
Steph was very responsive & her sweetness was intoxicating.
The hour flew by with many actions & fun by all. Multiple rounds were enjoyed by me through various actions of Steph. I loved spray painting her breasts. Steph worked her magic to make sure the last one exploded deep. 
I look forward to connecting again some day, maybe out in Halifax next time out east...


~boom (Terb)



Posted June 1, 2019

I'd be doing everyone on this board a great disservice if I didn't post a glowing recommendation after meeting with this lovely lady. It starts with her ad, which was delightfully written and hinted at the wonderful time we'd have together. After looking at her ad a few days in a row, I decided to go for it, and sent her a text. Her reply came quickly and we arranged our date with the minimum of effort. All of her messages were very friendly and it felt like we had a rapport immediately. 

I won't go into detail about our time together, as that is between the two of us, but I will say that she is even more beautiful in person (and that's saying something, if you've seen her pictures). She is super cute and friendly, and made me feel completely as ease. My anxiety melted away immediately after meeting her, and I knew I made the right decision. It was an unforgettable experience that I'm eager to repeat. 

My only regret is that I only booked for an hour, which wasn't long enough! You'll definitely want as much time with her as you can get. 

I'll also repeat what others here have said, her location is in a good neighborhood, and it is very clean and cozy.  

~politegeek (Lyla)

Posted Feb 28, 2019

Stephanie is wonderful! From the moment you enter she will greet you like you are the most important person in the world. She offers a very sincere GFE experience and her personality is very easy going. She's not shy and loves to please. Massage was excellent and she offers shower for two. She's got a very natural GND look, and her hair is stunning! Hygiene was also amazing. Highly recommend her and encourage gents to welcome her to Ottawa with love so she may return again. Thank you Stephanie.

~Rapha El (Terb)

Posted Feb 27, 2019

I went to see Stephanie based on fun's recommendation and am totally pleased.

Stephanie is GFE in every sense; GND looks, natural body without alterations/tats, beautiful breasts and curvy figure. She treats you like you are her boyfriend, from the way she texts you, how she kisses you and how she savages you.

Let me just say that the menu is broad, service is top tier, the experience genuine with a lovely personality to top it all off.

Run to see her before she leaves town.


Posted August 20, 2018

Hello All, 

I finally met Steph very recently.  


We had an excellent exchange setting up our meeting. 


Her place is in an upscale building just off of the peninsula in a very nice neighborhood.  Her apartment is modern, very clean and comfortable.  It really is a nice place, hell I would rent it! 


She greeted me at the door beautifully dressed and with wonderful kiss and hug.  


She is a very grounded and intelligent woman who does not struggle to make one feel comfortable and welcome.  She truly provides a GF experience, much to my liking.  I feel she truly went out of her way to make my time with  her an excellent experience. 

I highly, highly recommend our girl Steph.  


Treat her well lads, shes a keeper! 

~Harboursmoke (Lyla)

Posted July 22, 2018

Steph is the full package beautiful fun sized bundle of passion with an A++ personality . When in her presence we became our own universe getting lost in each other !  We have been together a couple of times now it just keeps getting better if your like me and enjoy feeling and hearing woman climax she is the one and she is truly a super soaker ! 

     I was also delaying this reco to keep her to my self . Treat this natural beautiful gem well so she sticks around .

~Mrp1 (Lyla)

Posted May 3, 2018

Start with a big hug and kiss you know it's going to be fantastic.This was, I must say one of the best nights I had for a rendezvous, her name was dirtyblondesteph. This Woman's skills require no explanation she'll do to you what you dreamed about as a kid it is something you have to get out and experience for yourself. Her experience was like you've been together before and she knew exactly what you loved. One word amazing there was no disappointment whatsoever and I'm forsure repeating with this lovely lady.


A kiss at the door will make you come back for more.

       ~ lookingfor (Lyla)

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