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Upcoming Changes

There is no better time than the budding of spring to bring growth and change. This past year for every single one of us has been hard. SO effing hard. We have faced countless changes, rolled with every punch and curve ball thrown at us. We have lost dreams, goals, and plans as the world around us shifted, and is still constantly shifting. For myself, on top of Covid, I have had to constantly shift my business model to keep all of us safe. From being outed, harassed and death threats to moving 3 times and still maintain me as best as I could. Throughout this, many have shown their true colours. To my angels and knights, THANK YOU! Thank you for your support, your comfort, words of wisdom and thank you for letting me lean on you. The first big shift in my business, is screening. It's helped huge with the extra people that are there to waste time and give me grief. More importantly, it's helped me maintain the safety, and privacy I need for us to enjoy our time together. I was thinking, when my ordeal is over, that I would be able to reduce my screening measures. Thanks to Benny for pointing out that "many people know your real name and info". I will never be able to lower those standards. It seems fair, imo, that if you have my information, I should have yours. As you go on about your 'buts'... but this, but that, but whatever. As always with my business and business practice, your privacy, safety and discretion is assured. The only time I see myself using any information gathered, is if you due me harm. And as far as I'm concerned, you wont. I value my business as a professional one that comes with professional/client relationship where privacy is concerned. If anyone other that you is giving me the okay to talk about our time together, like a reference, I don't know who you are.

I know you aren't going to give me grief about deposits. It's as simple as reading my website, clicking through all the links I have to verify me. I even have snapchat and twitter to verify myself. And let's be honest, I am here for the pleasure and the income. Running away with a deposit doesn't bring me either and it's way too much work and hassle to deal with, again no pleasure in it. I know, if you are already reading this, you've done your research and you are looking forward to spending time with me. You will happily provide me the comfort, trust and safety in doing as I ask so we can get to the fun part we both really want to have. To my amazing angels and knights. I have put more effort into creating and building the VIP area. Full photo shoots, first to know and see stuff, early schedule access, more availability to book time together, specials, exclusive rates and more! I really cherish our connection and all the fun we get to have together. I love the growth of the connections we have shared over the last year. I want you to know it, feel it, see it and have as much time to spend together as possible!

A few other spring changes. As Covid is still surrounding us and I remain low volume (1-2 clients on working days). New clients GFE rates are increasing, as of April 15th (I figured that is my anniversary), Hour rate is going up, 100, for 400, 90 minutes will be 500 and 2 hour will be 600. Additional hours are still 250. All rates, include HST. VIPs, make sure to check the VIP area for your exclusive rates. I look forward to the year ahead of us. Getting back on track to goals and plans. Most of all, spending time with you! Big hugs Stephanie

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