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Rate Updates.

I've recently changed how my rate structure works and have had a few questions in regards. A little history of rates and rate increases. I did start at 250/hour almost 6 years ago. Thank you to those that seen me while I was learning and discovering myself. The first increase I had was because I started claiming taxes. Based on the numbers at that time I still required the 250 for bills and expenses thus a little increase to 300/hour. The next increase came with having to pay HST on my revenue. Seriously CRA is the biggest pimp. I still effing hate paying so much in taxes but in order to achieve my goals I needed trackable income. Let's not go down that rabbit hole. Today we've faced a deflation of the value of our dollar, along with inflation running at an all-time high (thank you liberals and all levels of government for printing so much money and your poor financial skills). Cost of everything have gone up and it's getting harder to manage costs while maintaining the style of business I want to run. I am a low volume provider. I savour and treat those that spend time with me like the King's and Queen's they are. As well, I'm starting to take my exit of the industry. I have start moving to more part time hours. I still have the flexibility in my schedule for generous suitors that respect my time and needs as much as their own. With this in mind is how I've worked out my new rates. I want to reward those that respect me and my time by pre-booking our dates. Most tour locations, I post a month in advance notice. Giving those plenty of time to pre-book. Those that do so before a week I arrive will be honored at the rates I have posted on my website. Booking1-7 days to arrival will see an increase of $100/hour. Same day appointments with more than 4 hours' notice will have a 200 increase from my posted rates on my site or a $100 from the week before arrival rate. The likelihood of booking with less than 4 hours' notice is pretty slim. If by the off chance I happen to be available with less than 4 hours' notice rates will be double my posted rates on my website. I love my clients and those that treat me the best make it easy to set standards that meet how they treat me. I know some of my clients have harder schedules to be able to plan around. I sadly can't cover expenses and build my empire with empty promises. This is why I still have same day appointments available but at a higher rate. I look forward to treasuring you as much as you treasure me! Recap of Rate Structure. Please note HST is included in rates. Book with

7 or more days notice

1-7 days notice

Less than 24 hours notice

1 Hour 410

1 Hour 510

1 Hour 610-820

1.5 Hours 540

1.5 Hours 640

1.5 Hours 740-1080

2 Hours 720

2 Hours 820

2 Hours 920-1440

3 Hours 800

3 Hours 900

3 Hours 1000-1600

4 Hours 1100

4 Hours 1200

4 Hours 1300-2200

Additional hours +250/hour

Additional hours +300/hour

Additional hours/in person extensions +350/hour

Dinner Date 4-5 hours 1000

Dinner Date 4-5 hours 1100

Dinner Date 4-5 hours 1200-2000

​Overnight 2200

​Overnight 2300

​Overnight 2400-4400

Longer dates and arrangements please connect with me to discuss our business pleasure.

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